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Downwind In A Double - Gorge Downwind Champs

Downwind In A Double - Gorge Downwind Champs

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Experience the Ultimate Adventure in Surfski Paddling with Michele Eray: Master Downwind Techniques in a Double Surfski!

Are you ready to take your surfski paddling to extraordinary heights? Join us for an unforgettable journey alongside renowned surfski expert, Michele Eray, as we delve into the art of downwind paddling like never before. This exclusive workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the sport while exploring the exhilarating world of downwind paddling.

What Sets Us Apart:

World-Class Instruction: Michele Eray, an internationally recognized surfski champion and expert coach, will be your guide throughout this immersive experience. With her wealth of knowledge and passion for the sport, Michele will provide invaluable insights and hands-on instruction to help you elevate your paddling skills to new heights.

Master Downwind Techniques: Learn the secrets of downwind paddling from a true master. Michele's expertise in catching and riding waves is unmatched, and she will teach you how to read the waves, and harness their power of the wind to surf with maximum efficiency and speed.

Double Surfski Adventure: Embrace the thrill of paddling in a double surfski, a unique and exciting way to navigate the open water. The double surfski offers increased stability and the opportunity to share the experience, enhancing both the learning process and the joy of the journey.

Personalized Coaching: This workshop is designed to cater to paddlers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced paddler aiming to fine-tune your technique, Michele will provide personalized coaching and feedback to help you achieve your goals and unleash your full potential.

Unlock the full potential of your paddling and master the art of downwind paddling under the guidance of Michele Eray. This workshop is your chance to learn from a world-class coach, immerse yourself in breathtaking Gorge landscapes, and take your surfski skills to new horizons.

What Does The Session Involve?
The 2hr hour session will cover:
- Setting up  your surfski and paddle for your best shot at your optimal technique
- Safety on the water
- Downwind basics
- Optimal Paddling Technique 
- Downwind Run from Bob's to HV
- Questions, Specific requests
- All signups get access to our Online Platform, to continue their learning journey

What We Expect From You:
To be able to swim 1km with all of your gear. To be able to paddle for 60 minutes continuously. To be able to remount your surfski in any conditions.

What People Are Saying:
"I’ve been paddling 15+ yrs but your technique workshop at the Gorge was very beneficial and I’d recommend it to paddlers at any level. The downwind paddle I did in a double with Michele allowed me to experience the run like I never could have on my own. Michele & Maggie are great ambassadors for the sport!" - George Knight

Cancellation Policy

Full Refund: We reserve the right to change any itinerary to match existing conditions. If we must cancel due to unsafe or unsuitable weather or water conditions (as determined by our qualified staff), you will have your choice of credit, or a full refund. We are not responsible for non-refundable hotel or transportation costs.

Full Refund: If you cancel more than 24 hours before your session, you will receive a refund or credit (your choice).

No Refund: No refund or credit will be given if you cancel less than 24 hours before your session for any reason, including those beyond your control. You may substitute another paddler provided they meet any skill or experience requirements.


You need to have your own boat and safety gear (unless pre-arranged).
You should be able to swim for 1km in your gear, and you should be able to self-rescue, and remount your boat in any conditions (unless this is the novice Intro To Surfski session).

What To Wear

Depending on the season and water temperature, we recommend dressing for immersion.

Thermal, quick-drying top (neoprene, rash guards, fleece, polypropylene, or other synthetics are best. Cotton makes you cold).

Neoprene or yoga pants, board shorts or any quick drying pants.

Booties or barefoot, depending on the season, and a hat and sunscreen are recommended.

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Meet Your Coaches

Michele Eray

One of the few multi-discipline paddlers to have succeeded on the world stage in Canoe Sprint (Olympic finalist), Canoe Marathon (World Medalist), Surfski (World Champion), Surf Lifesaving (World Medalist) plus winner of mulitple River races, Michele brings over 2 decades of first hand athletic experience at the very top.

Over the past 15 years Michele has coached athletes to World Championship medals, and was also team USA Olympic Coach in 2016. A life-long learner and curious mind, she recently completed her MSc in Sports Performance Coaching.

Maggie Hogan

Maggie competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in the highly competitive Women's K1 500m. Over her Canoe Sprint career, she earned medals at the World Championship and World Cup level. She represented the USA in 24 World Championships across 5 different water sports. She has won over 40 National titles.

Getting her start as a collegiate D1 swimmer, Maggie has a background as an ocean lifeguard.

She brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to her coaching and has a knack for making the complicated paddle stroke a simple and easy thing to understand.


Who is this session for?

Anyone who wants to improve their paddling! We cater to beginners through to the expert level.

I experience pain with paddling and battle with injuries, will this session help?

Our experienced instructors will teach you the optimal paddling technique, which will prevent injuries and help you move better. We can do a mobility assessment if needed and help guide you towards better movement.

Do you provide surfski's for the session?

We can if needed.