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Nordic Kayaks

NK Clubline Paddle

NK Clubline Paddle

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The Nordic wing is a tear-dropped blade with a clean efficient catch. This allows for early power application and stable control in the water.
In the pull-phase it is balanced and without surprises or twists, therefore the shaft stays relaxed in your hand for an effortless exit.
Its suitable for flat or rough water where you want an efficient and agile forward stroke.

It comes standard with a medium soft round shaft with a slightly patterned surface to prevent from unnecessary slipping, its adjustable by 10 cm in length through a well proven plastic joiner. The shaft fits into the blade.

Club-line construction: compression moulded full carbon/foam/epoxy with solid carbon edges.
Weight: 700 g.
Padded bag: included
Available in sizes 720 cm², length 207-217cm, and Small- 690 cm², length 205-215cm.

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Care Instructions

Rinse in fresh water. Dry off and store out of sunlight.

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